Velvi (Penance)

The word ‘Velvi’ means purification of thoughts. Purity of thoughts. An art of rejuvenating, regenerating the entire planet earth, the whole universe by the possibility of existential purest consciousness. It is a conscious means of structuring and processing the purest noble thoughts.
For the sake of Universal welfare and Universal Peace, Gurumahan undergoes Holy Penance called ‘Velvi’ in the month of Dec.-Jan for 21 days every year by adopting himself into deep meditation inside the Pranava Alayam (Holy Pyramid). So far 30 Holy Penances have been performed till these 30 years.

Disciples around the world visit Gnanapeedam during the penance time to undergo special meditation passing peace vibration through meditation Every penance bears some main objects for which the penance being performed. The Disciples of Gurumahan and other visitors also take part in the Velvi. They perform meditation in a separate pyramid situated near Pranava Aalayam and pass the peace vibration through meditation Many people consider it so noble and holy to offer food to the visiting yogis for the penance. Special meditation practice is given to all disciples in our Gnanapeedam coming for the penance enabling them to sit for meditation for many hours.

The Velvi period is not only important for every disciple of Gurumahan and Universal Peace Foundation, but for this world at its subtle level. After all, Velvi is performed only for the goodwill of this world. Anyone who has the urge to do something for global peace is most welcome to be a part of “Global Peace Mission”

Kindly donate generously for this great cause and get the blessings of the Divine Energy.




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