The purpose of celebrating the Global Peace Day is to reinforce the Universal Peace Day which was observed every year on the 11th November at 11 am.

It is well known to all that after the World War I , in 1918 it was declared 11th November as the Peace Day with the high intention that there should be no war as such.

The primary vision of our Foundation is Universal Peace through Individual Peace. As such we are trying to fulfill this through various missions. One such missions is to make every individual to observe one minute’s silence from 11.11 am to 11.12 am everyday for the sake of universal peace. This one minute’s silence observed by large number of people will bring forth a great global effect of Peace within.

The equation runs as follows. A large number of people gathered in one place vibrate a single thought at the same time, will bring that thought into action because of the power of collective thought.

In this way the Global Peace Day is celebrated by Universal Peace Sanctuary every year on 11th of November. A large gathering of people of all sections consisting of parliamentarians, doctors, engineers, teachers, various religious heads and faiths assembled in one place observe one minute’s silence vibrating only one thought of Peace for the entire Globe. While they are adopting this process in that place, all other people around the Country will also observe the same one minute’s silence during the same time. By this process the waves of peace vibration will cover the entire country and thereby will enter all the nations around the world.

By observing one minute’s silence by everyone, every individual is in peace extended to his family, his society, his community, his nation and ultimately the entire world and even the entire universe.