Universal Peace Foundation founded and led by GURUMAHAN is desirous of bringing about a new GLOBAL ORDER wherein there is no POVERTY, HUNGER, ANIMOSITY between people thereby no CONFLICTS between NATIONS, EQUITABLE distribution of world resources so that MANKIND can live in HARMONY.

To make it happen NATIONS across the GLOBE have to come together and share a common platform to see that welfare of MANKIND is predominant over betterment of individual NATIONS without sacrificing quality of life to any individual. At the outset it may appear to be impossible or even UTOPIAN ( As someone said) but a closer look and commitment it can happen which will be cherished by generations to come.

Over the centuries we have seen NATIONS usurping POWER in some form or the other and bringing about disparity in QUALITY of life of people living in different nations. Even now there are only around 193 NATIONS which are members of UNITED NATIONS and the rest are left to fend for themselves. There is only ONE ENTITY which exists and all the rest are transformation in different forms as we see in our MYOPIAN EYE. Science is closing in to accept this reality- There is NO DUALITY.

The word GLOBIAN has been coined by GURUMAHAN to personify any human being living on the GLOBE. This is to emphasize that we all belong to ONE RACE.

There is only ONE WORLD. ( THE EARTH )


There can be World Common Administration

There can be ONE UNIVERSAL CURRENCY (common to all)

There can be ONE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE (removing all barriers of communication and understanding)

The LEADERS of several NATIONS have to come forward and accept the philosophy to bring about UNIFIED THOUGHT for UNIFIED DECLARATIONS and UNIFIED ACTION for GLOBAL PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE. Let us move towards a WAR FREE WORLD, DISEASE FREE WORLD and CONFLICT FREE (MIND) WORLD to assure HAPPY LIVING to all. To gather strength for this thought of INNER PEACE UPF requests all people across the GLOBE to observe ONE MINUTE SILENCE every day from 11.11 to 11.12 AM local time in each country.

Come join this great PEACE MISSION and be a part of HISTORY in creating a new WORLD ORDER leaving behind a legacy that would be cherished by generation after generation.