Gurumahathmiyam (குரு மகாத்மீயம்)

Sathguruve Saranam!!

Siddhar Idaikkadar is one of the 18 Siddhars of Tamil traditions. He has mastered  the science of Astrology and through him many intricate details about the Planetary conditions are revealed. Samadhi of Idaikadar Siddhar is in Tiruvannamalai.

From 21 August 2017, with the Holy Blessings of Gurumahan, the following aspects are being revealed through Siddhar Idaikaadar as Gurumahathmiyam

  • The Purpose of Gurumahan Jagathguru Maha Maharishi Paranjothiyar.
  • Principle of Supreme Light
  • Purpose of Mukkona Thathva, Sarva Shakthi Yagam, Pranavalayam
  • Dharma of Paranjothi Family (Mei Unarvalar and Wisdom Teachers)
  • Yoga Sutras for Atma Sadhana
  • Predictions about the nature of calamities that affects the Earth.
  • Planets, thier nature and Influences of 8  Planents on Earth

Siddhar Idaikadar along with the Siddhaloga jamikkaigal, have offered more that 100 readings and these shall be shared in this space.

Purpose of GuruMahathmiyam

The purpose of Gurumahathmiyam is to create the next 5000 year old tradition with awareness about Supreme Self through Kundalini Mahashakthi  and evolve as Divine beings.