“Sat” means eternity or truth and “sanga” means gathering or association or meeting. So, Satsang in essence means a gathering to gain knowledge about truth by hearing from truth. The truth here indicates that we are not the body and thoughts but pure consciousness or divinity, full of bliss, knowledge and eternal and always free. Talking about different qualities of consciousness, to gain knowledge, to be aware of truth, to talk about history of self-realized souls is Satsang. Satsang is also a gathering of souls who are in total silence. Satsang can be held directly by a Guru who is the very embodiment of truth or his sincere disciple, by using words spoken by the Guru or from revealed scriptures, spiritual books etc. Satsang is the best boat which can take our mind beyond this material existence. It is also believed that in a sathsang (spiritual gathering) more invisible divine souls gathered to enhance the positive energy to the entire gathering removing the negative imprints. All spiritual masters, Gurus emphasise acquaintance to the sathsang irrespective of age.

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