Jeeva, which means life force, and Raksha, meaning protection. The methods taught are based on techniques used by ancient yogis to allow for a stress free and healthy life. The method offers a great alternative to pills to get a healthy body, mind, and thoughts.

This class is a blend of stretches powered by breath focused to increase flexibility, boost immunity, energize the entire body as well as cleanse the energy centers, with deep relaxation to calm your mind.Suitable for all levels of practitioners, enjoy attending these online classes in the comfort of your home.Learn asana, pranayama and relaxation guided by an experienced teacher. A great way to maintain a regular yoga practice.

From Zero to infinity…Yoga is an ancient Indian art which over time evolved as a science and presently has developed as a technology. Universal Peace Foundation has its philosophy based on Yoga. Yoga is a proven tool by which an individual can elevate his limited consciousness levels to unite with the unlimited cosmic consciousness.

Our mission

Promote universal brotherhood by LOVE avoiding conflicts between nations, communities, groups and individuals such that wars are totally faced out of mankind and defense expenditure is decimated.

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