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Day 5 – 26-12-2020 Gurumahan Sathsangam

Channelizing the breath, Prana Dhavam

For doing meditation, body is the most important aspect. Next important aspect is mind. An individual mind represents Universal mind, therefore purify the mind from various thoughts and focus. This mind has tendency to rethink all stored thoughts. Past, and future thoughts. Disappointed about past and worrying about future, we tend to forget present. Focus on present and for that, the mind and prana should be in sync. So to channelize the mind, focus on breath.

This is not Pranayama practice where we voluntarily breath in and out. Here, we observe the breath, where the mind is focusing on breath, by withdrawing from all 5 sense. Gradually as focus increases, the breath becomes very light, the mind goes beyond breath and merges with Uyil Porul, the life force.

Mei Unarvu

As focus on the life force present inside this body slowly increases, one will be able to experience light, and beyond the light, one experiences the divine vibration, this is the Mei Unarvu. Here the true self is experienced as it is. This is self realization. ( உள்ளது உள்ளபடி உள்ளதை உள்ளவாறு உணர்வது ஞானம்) To reach this self realization, Tapas/meditation is the way forward.

Guru says to the disciple, “that which is within you is within me. That which is within me is within each every being. I will make you experience that. I will make you realize what is GOD. I am Guru guiding you to realize the true self. You are my disciple, experiencing the self. Let that almighty protect us in every way. Let us both protect Dharma. Therefore all of us together can protect world peace. GOD is within you and is in form of light, as Mei Unarvu(divine Vibration).”

3 Aspects of Guru

1. Aadhi Guru or the Karana Guru, the primordial Guru, limitless unbounded unmanifested Supreme Light in cosmos. Paranjothi- Ru is hidden in Gu – the unlimited darkness.

2. Maha Guru (Subtle or sukshuma Guru): The one who has experienced the unmanifested hidden substance.

3. Sthula Guru (Guru in Physical form): The one who comes in the tradition of Maha guru, experiences the secret of this hidden unmanifested limitless Paranjothi and makes every being experience this Mei Unarvu.

Therefore a Guru is an embodiment of Sthula, Sukshuma, karana/Aadhi karana aspects. Guru Geethai says that we should surrender to these aspects of Guru. If one keenly observes the words of Sthula Guru, receives and registers Guru’s words in one’s mind, one can attain the State of Aadhi(Core Sakthi).

Guru Padham(Feet of Guru)

Being in this body, being alive, a Jeeva(life) experiences it’s true primordial state, this is Sama Adhi state. This is Mukthi(Liberation). This can be only achieved by grace of Guru. If one has Guru’s grace, the grace of the divine will also follow. This Guru ‘s feet(Guru Padham, பரம பதம்), the divine feet is represented as our Uchi(Top head). If we attain this Guru’s Padham, anything can be achieved.

Kundalini Upadesam

Guru is always in state of Santhosham. That is the divine state. Guru makes every being attain this Santhosham through Upadesam. In the past, every disciple under a tutelage of a Guru, had to go through many rigorous tests to receive this Upadesam. This Mei Unarvu has not been received through touch so far. But our Maha Guru made it so easy to realize this Mei Unarvu without any hatha yoga or breathing practices, making one realize that which is very natural for every being

Therefore the end of all yoga is Kundalini Yogam. Normal people did not know about Kundalini Yogam. Those who knew could not follow this. Today through this Upadesam everyone can follow throughout the world. Therefore this eternal Kundalini Yogam is way forward towards experiencing one’s true self.

Your are not the body. You are the life that is hidden within the body.( மறை பொருள்). This Atma is in form of light. Therefore prostrate to this light. Only when you respect and prostrate yourself to this divine light, you merge with light. Then do vichara. Who is within this light? Who makes this light shine? What is inside the sun that makes it to shine so bright?

In Gita, Krishna says “Arjuna, I’m the seed(Karu) of life, I am the Divine Vibration within Human Being”. This true essence of Kundalini Yogam makes a human being, a being with higher possibility. All self realized beings, all religions teaches mankind to prostrate oneself to the Divine, Guru, Parents, elders, great intellects and also the farmer. Today since the farmers are not respected, there is starvation around the world.

Methods to Achieve Karya Siddhi

For Karya siddhi meaning to achieve anything you need, perform Sarva Sakthi Siddhi Yagna – the Universal blessing, 21 times focusing the divine vibration on forehead center. This will keep our our body healthy, mind peaceful, and intellectual clarity, good thoughts circulate within our homes, wealth and prosperity along with name and fame is achieved, everyone living in this place and everyone who visit this home will reap benefits of this blessing.

Triveni Sangamam

By observing the breath through both nostrils, one can realize that the breath merges in Suzhimunai(forehead center). Left prana is Chandra kalai(Madhi) represents Sakthi, right is Surya kalai(Ravi) represents Siva, both unites at Suzhimunai which is Agni or Sudar represents Soma Skandan. This is Triveni Sangamam. In the outside world Triveni Sangamam is union of visible rivers Ganga, Yamuna. Saraswathi is not visible but flows underneath and join Ganga and Yamuna. There is a saying that tapas is performed without realization of day and night. This Suzhimunai is that space with 3 aspects. Right-day, left-night, both merges at the forehead center which is beyond day and night.

Karu Dhavam

Like the oil hidden inside sesame seed, Like the scent hidden inside a flower, like ghee hidden inside milk, the Karu is hidden inside this body. This Karu porul is Uyir(life force). This is in the center of body which is Mooladhara. This Sakthi operates the 5 elements in the body. It creates life. It exists as all. The same Sakthi is in forehead center as light, the life force, the divine vibration within this life force. Pray to this Sakthi. It will give all you ask for.

Ask to this divine Sakthi in Forehead center. Talk to this Sakthi like you speak to your mother, father, guru, friends, or your lovers. Choose any bhavana to speak to this Sakthi. Whatever you ask from this space, ask with love you will definitely get it. From here go beyond, focus on your Top head, Uchi, Merge with the your Atma Sakthi! Merge with the divine!

Achieve Global Wellbeing through Divine Vibration

Realize your Atma and from this divine state, Do your physical work, generate wealth through finance, create good administration through divine intelligence, and do your dharma of expressing this Atma to the world. According to each of your capability do all these 4 Sevas(Service). This is the representation of the world. These four states are administration. To protect the world and to propagate peace, do your duty.

Long live Mother Earth! Long live Universe!

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