Every  year on November 11, Global Peace  Day is observed  by  Universal Peace Foundation  along with the people  around the world  observing  one minute of silence from 11.11 am to 11.12 am.  as a global  collective  public  prayer for world peace.

This year  for restoring normalcy  to health  and  peace  around  the world in the wake of the deadly corona pandemic,  “Ambassador for Peace”  His Holiness Gurumahan has given an appeal to Global  people to observe silence for 1 minute  from 11.11 am to 11.12 am  on 11th November  to establish global health and  global  peace.

There will also be a guided meditation session conducted by Gurumahan for 11 days from Nov 1st to Nov 11th. Please plan on joining the sessions, below is registration details.

11 Days Online Global Peace Meditation
Nov 1st – Nov 11th, 11.00 to 11.11 AM (Indian time)
Register here to get the Zoom link details.

Global Peace Day Virtual Event
Nov 11th 2021, 10.00 to 11.30 AM (Indian time)

How to practice one minute of silence?


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