The need of Yoga for the prison inmates have been felt since decades. As Yoga not only has physical impacts, the practitioner also has several psychological benefits. It was felt by the prison authorities and other reformers that Yoga can play a great role in positive transformation of the prison inmates and greatly prepare their mind for a new rejuvenated life, once they come out. Yoga in prison has been encouraged in India, but the organizations that are allowed to impart Yoga to prison inmates are chosen after stringent scrutiny.

Universal Peace Foundation is one of the very few Yoga organizations in India which are permitted to conduct Yoga for prison inmates. For years, Universal Peace Foundation imparts Yoga in almost all Central Prisons in the state of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, including number of sub jails and juvenile homes. Due to its proven record in the State of Tamil Nadu, the authorities of Tihar Prison (the largest prison in India located in Delhi) have invited Universal Peace Foundation to conduct Yoga for their inmates. Now, plans are on to impart Yoga in all the prisons across India in next 5 years.

Evaluating the results of Yoga offered to prison inmates, invitations were received from various police authorities to conduct Yoga for the police forces. Presently Mahashakthi Yogam is also imparted to police officials belonging to special police battalions all over Tamil Nadu and in Tihar, Delhi. The efforts of Universal Peace Foundation have attracted the police and prison officials of nearby states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra. Universal Peace Foundation has received acclamation from the State Government of Tamil Nadu for the service rendered to Police Officials and prison Inmates.

Benefits that are seen obviously

The negative traits such as feel of vengeance, guilt, depression, worry etc were found reduced in many inmates Many felt a shift in mindset to positive frame work and decided to take up higher education inside the prison Many felt physically agile, mentally confident and intellectually sharper Above all, many started experiencing peace and tranquillity free from stress and anxiety The police officials who took up Yoga felt that it greatly helps them to stay in present and be more aware of the situation, with more control over their temper Yoga also helped the police official to enhance balance of duty and family

Our organization with the support of well qualified Yoga instructors from Sri Paranjothi Institute (an Unit of Universal Peace Foundation), Since 2009 we are organizing yoga programs for, prison inmates, and AIDS patient. More than 8 years we are regularly conducting Yoga for prisoners in Pulazh, I, II, Salem Central, Salem Women, Coimbatore women, Coimbatore Central and Trichy Central, Madurai Central, Palayamkotai, Virudhunagar District, Ramanathapudur district, Dindiukal Districit, Paramakudi women prison, SivaGanagi Subjail, Maduarai Melloru Bostal School , Bostal School pollachi, Bostal School Vellore, and Vellore women Jail.

On 2011, Universal Peace Foundation extended our service to Police officials in Trichy and other districts.