UNIVERSAL PEACE FOUNDATION is a registered Trust that enables internal transformation of individuals by adopting proven methodologies of Yoga, Pranayama and Kundalini Meditation.

Universal Peace Foundation offers various powerful in-house programmes such as Maha sakthi Yogam, Kundalini Yoga Initiation, Advanced Kundalini Meditation etc. which enable participants to introspect into deeper layers of oneself and elevate to higher planes of spiritual consciousness.

Through various Social programmes, Universal Peace Foundation strives to bring a positive change in the quality of life. Few of the programmes offered by UPF are:

✔ Free Medical Camps (in collaboration with National Institute of Naturopathy)
✔ Free Yoga classes for local primary and middle government schools
✔ Environmental Awareness Movement
✔ Transformation of Attitudes for Prison Inmates
✔ Personality Development camps for children for building overall character and values
✔ Power of women – Garbharaksha (Sthriraksha) for pregnant women and adolescent girls
✔ Maha sakthi Yogam for Holistic wellness
✔ Intensive kundalini Meditation program
✔ Wisdom teacher Program
✔ Cosmic ray therapy
✔ Pranic healing
✔ Samyama – the Power of within for corporate
✔ Illness to wellness – customized holistic treatment packages
✔ Pyramid Meditation
✔ Natural remedies at the Foundation premises highlighting Naturopathy.
✔ Through “Sri Paranjothi Yoga college -”, the Foundation offers various regular and distance program Diploma, PG Diploma and Degree courses in Yoga, Varma and Naturopathy. Please refer to www.yogacollege.net

a. Disciples/Visitors/Participants

All the above programmes offered by UPF are intended to all individuals who are looking for self-transformation. The visitors/participants/disciples of UPF are requested to provide their personal and contact information in the front office before entering the premises of Gnanapeedam. The recorded information is used for the purpose of updating the Aalayam upcoming events/programs in prior for the benefit of the disciples or visitors or participants. The information collected from the disciples or visitors or participants are safe and are not disclosed. We do not allow loud music inorder to maintain a peaceful premise. Observe one minute meditation at 11:11 AM for world peace and every one-hour meditation to experience a peaceful mind. UPF guests must be respectful and must not engage in offensive, illegal or immoral acts. Should this be a situation or should a guest become a nuisance to staff at UPF, then we reserve the right to ask a guest to leave our premises or suspend their activities if it is appropriate to do so, without any compensation.

b. Scope

The provisions offered by UPF set forth on the registration form (for example, in printed brochure or online at https://universalpeacefoundation.org/ ) and the following conditions shall apply to any registration regarding the events, which shall only be valid once UPF has confirmed the participant’s application in writing or by online registration. All registration modification or amendments shall be made in writing to the UPF management. Verbal agreements shall only be binding if UPF confirms them in writing.

People who can enter into the premises of Gnanapeedam and visit Gurumahan

✔ should be the member of UPF
✔ recommended by the wisdom teacher or by the member of UPF
✔ visitors with email or phone appointment along with the purpose of visit mentioned
✔ Normal Check-In and Check-Out times are 5:00 AM and 6:00 PM respectively.
✔ Visitors may request Early Check-In and Late Check-Out subject to availability.

All visitors, disciples and participants should participate in morning and evening meditation during their stay inside the premises.

c. Cancellation of registration by the participant

You may cancel your reservation or registration of any sessions at any time provided that the cancellation is made by the person submitting the booking form and is communicated to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect from the day that the written request is received by us. Inorder to adhere to the deadline, cancellation shall be submitted by post or email to the attention of the respective registration department by writing email to upf@universalpeacefoundation.org.

Cancellation and refund procedure varies based on the programme or event offered by UPF. Please read the cancellation and refund policy before proceeding to the cancellation procedure. Any bookings for yoga sessions that could not be fulfilled due to the Coronavirus pandemic (in addition to deposits already paid by guests towards bookings) are non-refundable under our terms. We offer online yoga courses and participants can book for the same. Seasonal rates apply. We are sorry but we are unable to offer any refunds in these instances.

d. Donation and fees

Donations are deductible under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of 1961, subject to Order No. 227 (304) CIT-II/2001-02/CBE/80G. Circular No 07/2010 issued by the Commissioner of Income-tax Department on November 14, 2007 and Circular No 07/2010 issued by the Commissioner of Income-tax Department on October 27, 2010. Validity: in perpetuity.

The donation obtained from international and Indian donors, UPF keeps all data collected as part of the authentication process confidential and only uses it for administrative purposes. We accept payment by Bank Transfer, (Visa /Mastercard/ Maestro). The online confirmation you receive immediately after you make your donation is considered as your receipt for that donation. Please keep it for your records.

Please ensure that we receive the full amount for your session bookings. Any shortfalls in payments will not be encouraged by UPF, then we reserve the right to suspend their activities in UPF future sessions.

e. Event cancellation

UPF shall reserve the right to cancel an event or sessions for any organizational reasons. In such cases UPF refunds all registration fees that have already been paid. No additional reimbursement may be claimed due to cancellation. UPF shall not refund any additional charges incurred as a result of the participant having to cancel or rebook transport or accommodation that they had arranged.

f. Accommodation and Food

The visitors or participants from distance can avail accommodation inside the premises and charges apply based on the days stayed subject to availability. Only members of UPF or participants and visitors with a referral from a nearby UPF center or a recognised source are allowed to stay. Accommodation is available only to meditation practitioners or course participants; it cannot be used by tourists. Accommodation is available at various tariffs, which visitors can choose at their convenience by emailing us at upf@universalpeacefoundation.org.

UPF accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or illness whilst you are on any sessions or events with us, or for any travel costs. We accept no responsibility for travel tickets such as airfares and trains. This is solely the guest’s responsibility to organise and inform us only of an accurate arrival time. Guests cannot reserve to stay longer than one month without approval from Management.

We strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance to cover any loss or injury, including repatriation if necessary. Passports, visas and health/medical requirements: you are responsible for ensuring that you have a valid passport and any necessary visas, as well as any necessary or required inoculations or other health requirements.

Visitors can feel open to more profound yoga practices during your stay based on the teachers availability. You can book a private room to yourself, or share with a friend. All our accommodation has four single beds with comfortable mattresses, good linens and mosquito netting, set in a spacious airy room with provisions to hang your clothes and store your belongings and attached bathrooms with western-style toilets. Constructed to make use of the natural ventilation from the cooling breeze, they also have ceiling fans and air conditioners(limited rooms).

Regular housekeeping is available, with fresh linens on request, although we ask guests to bring their own towels for their own use and do self cleaning as a part of Karma Yoga. The rooms can be locked when you go out. We want you to feel safe, relaxed and in harmony with nature to get the most out of your Yoga and meditation at our premises.

We provide only vegetarian food and, is all about flexibility and balance. It is wholesome and nutritious, cooked with love and without compromising on flavour. At UPF our dining focuses on healthy locally sourced food, organic wherever possible and cooking by our team of highly trained passionate chefs.

Our menu changes daily, and includes delicious Indian vegetarian dishes and salads. Only vegetarian food is allowed on the premises (no meat, fish or fowl.) Do not bring and/or consume non-vegetarian food on premises.

All of it is lovingly prepared to help your body’s restoration and growth, but most of all to taste great! Please let us know before, if you are not taking food due to any reasons, food will be prepared accordingly. Special Iraiprasadam will be provided on all special occasions and you can also donate food by paying at UPF.

Parents are fully responsible for supervising their children at all times. (Daycare is not available.) Guests agree to reimburse UPF for any damages incurred by them or their children during their stay. Anyone willfully disturbing the peace and the UPF atmosphere may be requested to leave.

g. Changes to the event schedule

UPF shall reserve the right to replace or remove individual sessions, provided such changes do not affect the overall scheduled sessions or events. Due to teacher cancellations or any other situations outside our control, we reserve the right to make any changes to our programme, courses for teachers. Alternative arrangements will be offered, but we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred, including airfare and travel plans.

h. Rejections of registrations

UPF shall reserve the right to reject registrations for an event or sessions and shall be under no obligation to provide an explanation for its decision.

i. Use of Event documentation

All event documentation provided to the participants such as books, magazines, CDs, etc shall be subject to copyright law. Participants be provided with content in any form, the right to use shall be restricted to the participants. UPF ensures that the data provided by the participants are safe and are not shared to anyone for any reason. Participants shall not be permitted to copy or record event or session material distributed for informational, educational or training purposes.

We will not knowingly give your personal information to anybody else (except where required to do so by authorities). We will retain your information and from time to time we may contact you with our promotional and upcoming sessions or programs related information.

UPF retains all copyright licence rights and exclusively owns all photographs and material displayed on its website. This information may not be copied or used for any other purpose.

j. Film and photography rights

The event or session participants shall grant the event or session organizer the permission to create, record, copy, or otherwise use all audio-visual media images, audio or video recordings on which they appear, and which extend beyond the simple recording of an event. Every participant has the rights to object to the recording of video and audio content concerning them on grounds relating to their particular situation at any time. Such objection shall be raised with the organizer at the beginning of the event or, if in the course of the event.


In addition to the general provisions listed above, the respective special provisions shall also apply to the events.

a. Training programme

We offer a training program for Wisdom teachers and the participants are selected based on the meditation practice given by Gurumahan under his own guidance. Unless the proper certification provided by UPF, no participants can claim themselves to be a wisdom teacher and give meditation practices outside and inside the premises.

b. In-house training

Except for one-day classes, most in-house training programmes are residential at UPF Thirumoorthy Hills, unless participants choose to participate after prior notification to the concerned department. The following training programmes are offered every year at UPF by trained practitioners.

✔ Maha sakthi Yogam for Holistic wellness
✔ Intensive kundalini Meditation program
✔ Wisdom teacher Program
✔ Pyramid Meditation
✔ Personality Development camps for children for building overall character and values.

c. Event series

Regular early morning and evening meditation is practiced on a daily basis. Visitors should attend morning and evening meditation during their stay. A morning meditation will set the tone for the entire day and help children to be focused, content and fully experience the teaching and learning process during the kids camp. The children enrolled for the personality development camp are encouraged to practice early morning meditation at 5:00 AM. This will assist the children in waking up early morning in the coming year and having a productive day. By registering with UPF your are accepting these condition in website and in-person.

d. Sessions including stay

UPF offers Natural remedies at the Foundation premises highlighting Naturopathy. Treatments are based on the five great elements of nature that have immense healing properties.There is no role of internal medications in the nature cure system. Treatments are provided by qualified naturopathy doctors and well trained masseurs. Please visit https://naturopathy.universalpeacefoundation.org/ for more information.


These terms and conditions shall apply in addition to the general terms and conditions of UPF for online learning and other Internet-based services and offers.

By continuing to access UPF online Yoga and wellbeing program or website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with the privacy policy, govern UPF online Yoga and wellbeing program’s relationship with you in relation to the website. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website. We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to periodically check our website for changes. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

Please read through the terms and conditions on our website thoroughly before enrolling. When enrolling as a participant of UPF Online Yoga and wellness program, you agree to the terms and conditions as follows:

General Provisions

UPF offers events or programs exclusively for the participants who are interested in yoga, meditation and personal growth of every individual intended to get physical and mental stability. We offer different sessions for different age groups based on their requirements.

Right now UPF offers General Yoga Online Sessions: (key to health series), Jeeva Raksha, Early Morning Satsang. UPF offers different sessions on key to health series such as Yoga for back, Yoga for good sleep and Yoga for easy breathing.

Upcoming sessions of UPF would be One Day Dhava Velvi, and Kids Yoga and the dates will be announced soon.

While we endeavour to deliver all our classes on time and as advertised, classes are subject to change or cancel without notice. UPF Online Yoga and wellness program is not liable to refund, transfer or offer compensation of any kind for classes that are late, changed or cancelled for any reason. For a clear guidance regarding cancellation and refund information, please read the cancellation and refund policy.

General guidance for all Yoga sessions:

✔ Cancellation after the commencement of any sessions is not possible. Please read the cancellation policy.
✔ Refunds can be requested by the registered participants will receive a certain percentage of refund based on the refund policy.
✔ Teachers are subject to change without notice.
✔ Participants can clarify their doubts regarding any sessions by communicating to the respective teachers during the sessions to avoid any physical discomfort. Inform your instructor of your injuries and ailments to make sure you have a safe practice. These ailments may be contraindicated, and your guide might modify a certain asanas if it is not meant for you.
✔ There should be an interval of at least 2 hours between your last meal and yoga practice.It is essential that your stomach and bowels are empty before you commence your practice. Practicing in a full stomach makes you uncomfortable.
✔ Do not wear too loose or too tight clothes as such clothes can cause a lot of difficulties in practicing different postures. so stretchable clothes are considered best for yoga. Shorts and inappropriate dresses are not allowed.
✔ Participants are encouraged to practice the prescribed asanas even after the sessions for better results.
✔ Participants are requested to use a proper comfortable yoga mat for safe practice.
✔ Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class as late entry is discouraged and cannot be guaranteed. To avoid any interruption during the session, the session will be locked at the beginning of each class.
✔ Participants are requested to keep the video on while practicing yoga to give corrections of any postures if needed.
✔ Leaving class early without a medical reason is strongly discouraged.
✔ UPF Online Yoga and wellness program has the right to refuse entry at any time..
✔ Bookings are to be made via our website link www.universalpeacefoundation.org
✔ To book into a class you must either have credits in your account or pay at the time of booking.
✔ You agree that you have been examined by a qualified medical practitioner within the past six months and have been found by such practitioners to be in good physical health and physically able to perform all yoga exercises in person and in online classes.
✔ Classes at UPF Online Yoga and wellness program may be physically strenuous and you voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is risk of personal injury.
✔ You will follow all instructions given to you by UPF Online Yoga and wellness program teachers and you acknowledge that any failure to do so will be at your own risk and may cause injury.
✔ UPF Online Yoga and wellness program is in no way liable for any injury.
✔ UPF Online Yoga and wellness program reserves the right to refuse access or entry to any person or to participate in any of its classes for any reasonable cause, including but not limited to, misconduct or intoxication or on medical grounds or failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions.
✔ Participants in any online workshop are not permitted to use any inappropriate language while speaking with the teacher. Such members will be dismissed from UPF and will not be permitted to attend future UPF events.
✔ By booking into a class you automatically agree to these Terms and Conditions.
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