Universal Peace through individual Peace

Building Values in Youth



Universal Peace Foundation is a registered Trust functioning with a vision of “Universal Peace through Individual Peace. ‘Jagat Mahaguru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan Universal Peace Foundation’ is a registered Trust founded in 1994 and a first ISO 9001:2015 certified spiritual organization. Universal Peace Foundation has been addressing the subtle layers of human personalities to enable internal transformation to discover the true potential of individuals leading to health, mental wellness and intellectual strength.



To bring UNIVERSAL PEACE through INDIVIDUAL PEACE. To guide people into spirituality and make them understand the immense potential lying dormant within them, to make living more HAPPY and MEANINGFUL for themselves and others, for PEACEFUL EXISTENCE, giving mutual respect to each other, without hurting anyone, even by thought, deed or action.


To bring the world population under one umbrella by creating an UNIVERSAL ADMINISTRATION such that equitable distribution of world resources of nature, between nations take place, to eradicate poverty and hunger, to bring down the dominance of MONEY and POWER and put LOVE in its place as the dominant factor, to remove misgivings of caste, creed, culture, religion, differences in ideology, etc.



Dakshina: Yoga’s Practice of
“Giving Back”

Dakshina is an ancient tradition of those who practice yoga, and it is a display of generosity - a private contribution to the financial support of the teacher and their teachings.


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Learn To Be Sustainably Happy!

Join the Happiness Program. Experience a calm mind, reduced anxiety, increased energy levels and sustainable happiness everyday!

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The Holy Pyramid


Pyramids – the structures that have always fascinated people down the ages. The studies of Pyramids reveal that they have a unique capacity to draw maximum quantum of cosmic energy and retain them for longer time, which has been cited as the main reason for postponement of the decay process of whatever perishable placed in it. Further studies have revealed that even a razor kept inside a pyramid shaped plastic box can be used for longer durations. One can just imagine, what can happen if a person spends time inside a pyramid. His body and mind definitely receives the healing effects that help him/her to rejuvenate and even recover from ailments.

Pranava Alayam also called Pranavalayam, the Divine Pyramid situated in the campus of Universal Peace Foundation at Thirumurthi Hills is the abode of eternal cosmic energy. “Pranava” in Sanskrit means “the primordial energy” and “Alayam” refers to the “Dwelling Place”. So, “Pranavalayam” is the name which signifies the dwelling place of the primordial energy that is pervading this universe.

for Global peace

One Minute Silence

Our natural state is bliss and peace as evident in deep sleep. Just like a pebble thrown in water creates a ripple effect, 1 minute of silence for global peace by each individual will bring peace within and will in turn produce a ripple effect of waves of peace to our surrounding starting from family, community, city, nation and globe. Join us for this noble cause and spread peace around.