Jagathguru Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar, affectionately called as Gurumahan, was born to Thiru. Krishnamoorthy and Smt.Lakshmy Ammal on 11-02-1955 at Bhavani, (where the rivers Bhavani, Kaveri and Amutha confluence) in Erode District, Tamil Nadu, India. Since he was born after much penance, his parents named him as Dhavamani, later he was called Jayamani.

At the age of seven, he had out of body experience witnessing his soul being separated from his body, a peculiar and uncommon experience for a boy of his age. So he kept quiet, and determined to pursue the quest himself.

His formal schooling ended at the Pre University level. He was then working at the Chikkaiah Naicker College, Erode where he completed his study. Yet he was always persistent on his spiritual path.

His youth was spent learning yoga and visiting various holy places as well as perusing holy scripts in the search for the truth.

Spiritual Entry

At the age of nineteen he obtained initiation into “Kundalini Yoga” meditation through Meignanaguru. Manickam, Karur. It caused him to ask a lot of questions. So he decided to take Gurumahan to Thiruvalanchuzhi, a remote village in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, to meet His Holiness JagatMahaguru‘ Gnanavallal’ Paranjthi Mahan, the Founder of Universal Peace Sanctuary to get answers to all his questions.
When he entered Mahan’s presence, he heard Mahan say, “Come my son, you are the one I have been waiting for. I knew you would come!”

Entry into Grahasthashramamn (Family life)

Although Gurumahan was keen to lead a yogic life of brahmachari,(celibacy), GnanavallalParanjothi Mahan persuaded him for the family life explaining that it won’t divert him in any way from his spiritual path. As per his Holy Blessings Gurumahan got married at the age of twenty five to Mahalakshmi, the eldest daughter of his own sister.

He asked his wife Mahalakshmi whether she would like to have child or be mother to the whole world, and she left it up to his wish, so they have no children, by choice.


Spiritual Advancement

His Holiness Paranjothi Mahan attained Maha Samadhi on 7th January, 1981 and thereafter Gurumahan devoted to his Spiritual Master Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan all his life to carry his Master’s spiritual message and practice throughout the world.
To accelerate the noble vision and mission, Gurumahan founded ‘JagatMahaguruGnanavallalParanjothi Mahan UNIVERSAL PEACE FOUNDATION’ as a Trust having its spiritual abode at the foot hills of Thirumurthi Hills, (100 Kms from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India) historically called as ‘South Kailash’ the homestead of Athri Maharishi and his wife Anushuya Devi, parents of Dhatatreya. The place is known for its historical reputation of being a living place of many Maharishis and Dhava yogis. It is the most desired place for studies in meditation and herbal medicine.


Holy Penances (Velvi)

In December 1991 Gurumahan, undertook a 21 days Holy Penance for the upliftment of the spiritual values of the people. He was in deep Meditation in ‘Deiveeham’, his house in Bhavani, letting himself locked in a room without food, water, speech and seeing none. He emerged after 21 days of deep meditation, on 07/01/1992, which wasGnanavallalParanjothi Mahan’s Samadhi day. This 1st penance was consecrated to the element Earth.

Thereafter the next year, from 16.12.1992 to 10.01.1993, the velvi or Holy Penance for 24 days was held at Bhavani in a thatched pyramid shelter on a rock on the confluence of the rivers Bhavani, Kaveri and Amutha. This penance was for water. After completion of this Penance he was affectionately named as “Jagat guru Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar by all disciples.

The Third velvi, which commenced on December 16th 1993 till 07/01/1994, was performed in a pyramid underground constructed in Green Park in Salem on the slopes of a hill. This was held for the fertility of the soil around the world so that the agriculture flourish well.

The Fourth velvi, called ‘Sathya Yuga PrasthaVelvi’ the Pancha Agni Velvi, was conducted in the pyramid at our own place in Thirumurthi Hills at the land bought through the unconditional donation of our disciple, Mr. William Bhoopala Joseph, and the pyramid according to the right dimensions was constructed designed by our disciple Meignanasiriyar. Rabi Ahmad, an Engineer. This penance was conducted for the element of Fire.

Until this year he has performed 26 Holy Penances for the sake of Universal Peace.

Gurumahan has travelled from time to time to Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Canada, Iceland, Egypt, Germany, UK, Dubai and Sri Lanka on a mission of Universal Peace.

Gurumahan believes that if everyone or at least 1% of the world’s population observe one minute of silence at 11:11 AM every day, the world would become peaceful. This one minute of silence observed by a large number of people across time zones will create a ripple effect resulting in a magnanimous and perpetual peace vibration..

With this peace message Gurumahan in the year 1999 met Pope John Paul II in Vatican City, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram in Netherland, all Spiritual and Religious Head in India requesting to observe one minute silence to bring Universal Peace.

Gurumahan met all Parliamentarians, Educationists, Scientists, Doctors, Business personnel and heads of other spiritual Organizations for the integrated efforts to find a solution to permanent Global Peace.

Gurumahan is the Founder President of The Divine Nursery & Primary School, Prabhanjaananda Yogalayam, Sri Paranjothi Nature Cure Hospital, Sri Paranjothi Institute for Yoga, Naturopathy & Holistic Health, and Editor, Uyargnana deepam, Monthly Spiritual Magazine.

Gurumahan has been honoured with the Award “Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation, Malaysia, a unit of UNO, on 20th June 2011 for his great contribution for Global Peace.


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