Nature exists since the creation of the earth and we enjoy every bit of it till our soul leaves the world. But human beings have been cruel to nature and have destroyed it. The world is facing natural disasters in the form of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and typhoons. Nature balances existence on earth but human beings have extracted the maximum and continue to destroy.

Situation has gone out of control and despite measures it has become difficult to tame destruction of nature. Steps to counter the imbalance has been taken up at the grass route level to meet the challenge created through such disasters.

Nature is very important because if there was no nature we wouldn’t be alive. Especially trees, they give us the oxygen to live and breathe.

Nature provides us with various indispensable services which has made possible human existence on the planet. Every raw material required for the development process is being provided by nature.

Hence to increase the awareness on the precious natural resources Gurumahan has declared his Jayanthi day (Birth Day) to celebrate as “The Nature Conservation Day” and it is observed every year on 11th Feb by disciples of Gurumahan all over the world.

All disciples are invited to attend this unique function and get Gurumahan’s Holy Blessings.

Date : Feb 11th, Saturday 2023
Venue: Gnanapeedam, Thirumurthy Hills
Time 10.00 am to 1.00 pm