To bring UNIVERSAL PEACE through INDIVIDUAL PEACE. To guide people into spirituality and make them understand the immense potential lying dormant within them, to make living more HAPPY and MEANINGFUL for themselves and others, for PEACEFUL EXISTENCE, giving mutual respect to each other, without hurting anyone, even by thought, deed or action.


To bring the world population under one umbrella by creating an UNIVERSAL ADMINISTRATION such that equitable distribution of world resources of nature, between nations take place, to eradicate poverty and hunger, to bring down the dominance of MONEY and POWER and put LOVE in its place as the dominant factor, to remove misgivings of caste, creed, culture, religion, differences in ideology, etc.

UNIVERSAL CURRENCY and UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE will evolve in due course for everybody’s benefit.

To protect environment from human pollution such that human race and all creatures on earth get unpolluted oxygen for breathing and healthy life.
Prevent natural calamities through spiritual intervention.

To promote HEALTHCARE by timely intervention and prevention before ill health occurs and focus on new child birth, so that every parent dedicate themselves to deliver DIVINE CHILDREN to evolve a whole new era in mankind.

To provide wholesome education by teaching them WHO THEY ARE- A SOUL not A BODY. There is no birth or death for the soul and is omnipresent in the universe.
There is no duality and only ONE ENTITY exists in the universe and every other item that exists is a transformation of that SINGLE ENTITY.

To develop INTERNATIONAL WHITE TRIANGLE SOCIETY which will be a peace time harbinger of solace to anyone in distress across the globe.